Rock Cheer Elite is an All-star program that started November 2017, as an opportunity to expand the Rockdale Cheerletics brand. The program has an aim to give all cheerleaders an opportunity to compete on a local, state and national level. We gear to make our fees affordable for all families. All cheerladers of all experience backgrounds will make a team. During the process of preparing for competition, cheerleaders build their skills in tumbling, stunting and their confidence increases. So the question is ARE YOU READY TO BECOME A DIAMOND?

What exactly is All-Star Prep Cheerleading?


All-Star Prep cheerleading is a sports activity that combines elements of tumbling, dance, stunting, and traditional cheerleading skills such as jumps and arm motions.


How are the teams configured?


Teams consist of up to 36 athletes performing fast paced, exciting, and professionally choreographed 2 minute routines set to music.


Teams are set up by age-group and skill.  For a general rule of thumb:

  • Tiny Level teams consist of ages 5-6 years old.

  • Mini Level teams consist of ages 5- 8 years old.

  • Youth Level teams consist of ages 5-11 years old.

  • Junior Level teams consist of members 5-14 years old.

  • Senior Level teams consist of ages 10-17 years old.


Teams compete at 4 difficulty levels ranging from level 1 for beginners, up to level 3.2 for athletes with advanced skills. Our training goal is to help kids progress through all levels in a safe and confident manner.  It is normal and recommended for athletes to do more than one year on a level to be successful and well rounded.










How often do you practice and compete?

  • All-Star Prep teams compete against other All-Star gyms from across the region and the country between November and April each year, with most teams attending between 3 and 5 competitions.

  • Team schedules can vary. Practices will include one weekday and Sunday. The season runs from tryouts in May until the last competition in March and/or April.  Half Year Novice Teams will run October through April with two practices.